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Giovanni Ramonda

Giovanni Ramonda was born in Fossano (CN) on 3rd May 1960, seventh and last son of Stefano and Maria. The family climate of simplicity, respect, prayer and hospitality will positively mark his life forever.

Having heard of the Community of Pope John XXIII thanks to Father Mino, in 1979, he was 19 years old, during Christmas holidays he went to Rimini to know well the Community.

Deeply struck by the intense life of sharing of the family home in Coriano, he accepted Don Oreste's proposal of volunteering there in alternative to military service.

In 1980 he opened the first family home in Piedmont together with Tiziana Mariani who in 1984 became his wife. At present they have 3 natural children and 9 are welcomed.
In 1981 he was elected as in charge person of the Association Community of Pope John XXIII in Piedmont and in 1998 he was nominated deputy president of the Association worldwide.

On 13th January 2008, after the death of Father Oreste, he was elected President of the Association. At present, he is also president and legal representative of Sharing among peoples. 

Despite the many tasks and the intense life of sharing in his family, he has always devoted particular attention and commitment to study, obtaining the Magisterium in religious sciences and a degree in Pedagogy, as well as the title of Sexologist Consultant together with his wife Tiziana at the Institute of Clinical Sexology of Turin. 

Freelance journalist, he is the current director of the two magazines published by the Association: the monthly review "Always" and the bimonthly pocket daily missal "Daily Bread".

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