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To support our activities you can also give us your time:

VOLUNTEERING ABROADA four day training course will provide you with the necessary information to understand the kind of service requested and the kind of experience you may make. In case of doubts or of great interest, you can also fix a personal meeting to get further details. Before leaving, as near as possible to where you reside, you are invited to spend short period in one of our welcoming centres – family homes. To contact us: click here



Supporting a Campaign
The Company can guarantee regular donations to a campaign or a project. Updates will be sent periodically. Find out what initiative you can adopt.

Single Donation
The Company can choose to help Sharing among peoples with a one off donation. Any kind of donation is of great encouragement to continue our work. Find out what you can support with a single donation.

Cause Related Marketing
Cause Related Marketing enables your Company to become part of our big family by sharing its brand with Sharing among peoples. Sponsoring our initiatives with one of your artefacts helps us to fundraise for far more people and at the same time your customers and public opinion are awaken to important social problems.

Donation of goods and services
The various areas we are involved in make us face every day new needs for which the support of your Company can be crucial:
• Provision of school requirements, medical and hygienic stuff, foodstuffs, building materials, etc.
• Availability to engage the Company's professional skills in support of specific activities (e.g. communication, juridical, marketing, ICT, etc.)
• Partnerships to create on-site job opportunities
• Non-withdrawn prizes of prize contests. As Onlus we can receive unclaimed prizes by expressing in the regulations the clear will to donate them to Sharing among peoples.

Fair-trade items purchase - Christmas in the Company
At Christmas or on special occasions you may choose to support Sharing among peoples. In this way the warmest thanks and wishes of people helped by your generosity will reach your employees, customers and friends. There is no more beautiful gift, isn’t it?



The company can take the occasion to support our campaigns during public events or other great happenings in order to meet our well-wishers and to concretely contribute to the dream of our founder Fr Oreste Benzi: to be a family for those without one.

"Ambassadress Company" of Sharing among peoples
The Company can choose to promote our projects in its network of customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, by placing its internal and external institutional communication channels at our disposal to advertise and give visibility to our initiatives, events, or fundraising campaigns.

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